The following fees may be charged during the tenancy.

  1. Late fee: $5 per day or a flat fee of $50 or $75, if rent is paid after the fourth day of the month.
  2. Return check fee:
    1. $35 plus bank charges.
    2. Personal checks will not be accepted after that occurrence.
  3. Violations of policy or rental agreement fee: $50 for 2nd violation and $50 plus 5% of the current rent for each subsequent violation.
  4. Noncompliance fee of $250 for unauthorized pet capable of causing damage every 48 hours.
  5. Noncompliance fee of $250 for smoking or vaping in a designated non-smoking vaping area.
  6. Rekey fee: cost or $50, whichever is more.
  7. Remote fee: $50 per remote control, if remote control(s) is not returned.
  8. Smoke or Carbon Monoxide detector tampering: up to $250 per incident.
  9. If the carpets were new or professionally cleaned at entry, tenants will be charged for professional cleaning after final exit of that unit.
  10. Tenant caused repairs and maintenance: cost charged by service provider and cost of materials.